Property Technology 
BSCLand is a pioneer of applicating NFT in remote property investment, connecting real estate owners with types of investors, helping to popularize investment activities and make property technology become an inevitable trend for the future. 
Announcement: 4th Open Sales BSCL Token Private

Price: 0.23 – 0.25 USDT per BSCL

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Why BSCLand?

BSCLand opens the door to entering the real estate market, supporting property technology in emerging markets around the world, transforming investing and profitable opportunities for all class investments from capitalist to popular with just a few tasks.

With applying NFT’s decentralized main resource platform technology, BSCLand bringing the high transparency of the information of the owner’s products. With decentralized real estate technology, we create a diverse user ecosystem.

BSCL Token & NFT?
BSCL token operates on the BEP20 technology platform – Binance Smart Chain, extending to the ERC-20 standard of Ethereum, the core asset of the cryptocurrency market. BSCL token is used in NFT (Real Estate) transfer.

Great value

Bringing compounding interest from property and NFT price spread.

Nomalized property

The owners can make their own NFT through smart contract and technology in exchange, investors can buy NFT (real estate) with only one square meter.


NFTs cannot be split into smaller denominations, they cannot be copied and distroyed. That applying NFT helps BSCLand ecosystem generative, encrypted and highly secure.

Rapidly creditial

Minimizing transaction procedures and costs compared to traditional real estate transactions.
Strategy and project
July 2017
Come into being BSCLand ecosystem and core team
Developing backend system, legal system and accounting solutions for launching token BSCL
Launching test version of token BSCL
Trial transaction in USA
Connecting BEP20 technology platform
Listing on exchange
Successful trial application of NFT in real estate
Opening NFT real estate exchange
Etablishing NFT real estate depository center
Open to sale NFT real estate
Developing application on Mobile
Go global
7% discount program in June
Trust Wallet

A Web3 browser-integrated wallet that meets the strictest quality and security standards. Exchange

The crypto exchange reaches 10,000 transactions per second and can be translated into 12 languages.

Mario Capital

Investment fund with a diverse ecosystem, including real estate and Blockchain technology.

You only use token BSCL to trade stakes in real estate projects.
Through this exchange, BSCLand team and partners will censor and verify full of legal profile, create a transparent and detailed private portal for investors.
BSLand uses blockchain technology platform to tokenzie real estate into small shares corresponding to one square meter. Once you make a successful share purchase, Smart Contracts will automatically send to your wallet to certify that you own that stakes (shares).

Government is considerring the legal departments to create opportunities for Vietnam to develop NFT – Blockchain technology. You can check it in the video on VTV channel reported below:

The confirmation document of each project will be saved by a reputable indepedent 3rd party. Investors donot have to worry too much about risks but feeling safe of their stakes.

Token BSCL is currently being listed on will be listed on Binance and Coinbase exchanges.
An NFT is a digital asset that represents real-world objects like art, music, in-game items and videos. They are bought and sold online, frequently with cryptocurrency, and they are generally encoded with the same underlying software as many cryptos.
■ Indivisible:
NFTs are special in that they cannot be subdivided, unlike cryptocurrencies you can divide and trade as fractions.
■ Cannot copied or destroyed:
Each NFT is unique, all data is stored on the blockchain platform through Smart Contracts and does not depend on any company.
■ Verifiable
Anyone can query back to whom owns the work without the need for a third party. That’s thanks to the data storage on the blockchain platform.”
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